Press reports revealed Celta Vigo‘s efforts to include a high-level goalkeeper after the departure of Matthias Detoro, and they set their sights on Barcelona goalkeeper Netto, who is no longer in Xavi’s plans and Barcelona opened the door wide for the goalkeeper to leave.

According to press reports, Celta Vigo’s plan to be able to afford the player’s high salary is for the goalkeeper to arrive in Vigo on a free deal by terminating his contract with the Catalan club.

Reports indicated that another option that the Galician club is considering, according to local media, is a loan for a final season and that Barcelona is paying half of his salary, which is not likely in the current situation.

A year ago, Barcelona had already given the Brazilian player a letter of freedom to save his salary, but he did not want to leave, and in Figo, they consider him an experienced goalkeeper because of the time he spent in Valencia, Juventus, and Fiorentina, and since he arrived at Camp Nou three seasons ago, he played only 12 games in the league.

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