Barcelona club confirmed the safety of the player Ronald Araujo after he was injured during the Real Sociedad match that ended 1-0, which brought them together yesterday evening at the “Anoeta” stadium, in the 33rd round of the La Liga championship for the current season 2021-2022.

Barcelona issued an official statement revealing the circumstances of the player’s condition after undergoing the necessary medical examinations to confirm the extent of the injury he sustained yesterday in the right knee. 

The statement confirmed: “The tests that were carried out today on the first team player, Ronald Arajo, ruled out the injury of his right knee.” 

Barcelona said yesterday: “First team player Ronald Arrajo suffers from a right knee injury. More tests are needed to determine the exact extent of the injury.” 

Barcelona is in second place in the La Liga standings, with 63 points, from winning 18 matches, drawing 9, losing 5 matches, scoring 61 goals, and, receiving 32.


Las pruebas realizadas hoy al jugador del primer equipo Ronald Araujo han descartado lesión en la rodilla derecha

— FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona_es) April 22, 2022

In a related context, Xavi said in statements after the match: “Today is a very important match, although the performance was not the best, especially in the second half.” 

Xavi added: “It is the most game I suffered in besides Villarreal. We suffered a lot and they had the ball more than us. They were quick to reach our goal. They are a very good team and they work great. In the second half, we noticed that we were tired, a golden victory.” 

Xavi added: “We want to qualify for the Champions League next season, even when the team is not at its best. It knows how to win.” Xavi explained: “We did not play a good game. 

“The players are making a great effort to achieve the goal of reaching the Champions League,” Xavi stressed. He continued, “Despite the mental and physical effort, we still have many things that need to be improved.” 

Xavi continued: “Stegen is one of the best goalkeepers in the world. Today he gave us the three points. The team is still at the beginning of building a new project for the future.” 

Xavi confirmed: “Gerard Pique is amazing as a result of his endurance playing until the 80th minute, and Araujo also felt uncomfortable since the 20th minute.”

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