•  LaLiga updated the maximum that each team can spend on salaries for their squads. Real Madrid is the leader, it has a cap of €739M. Barça: -144M€.

Real Madrid remains the Spanish team with the greatest margin to spend on salaries for its players. The white set has the capacity to disburse up to 739,163,000. This is reflected in the update that LaLiga has carried out on the salary limits of the First and Second teams after the closing of the winter market and the arrival of 700 million euros to the coffers of the clubs. In total in LaLiga Santander, the salary ceiling is 2,046,983,000 (in October it was 2,277,214,000 euros), while that of the Second Division is 252,242,000 (244 at the beginning of the season).

The current leader of LaLiga continues to show economic muscle in the new update of salary limits and remains in the Top-1 for the second consecutive season. Very far from Barcelona, ​​which can currently spend -144,353,000 (compared to the 97,940,000 that was established in the summer, which represented a drop of 70% compared to the 20-21 campaign). The delicate financial health of Barcelona is well known, it had to make bobbin lace to strengthen itself in winter with footballers like Ferran, Aubameyang, Adama Traoeré, and Dani Alves having the sanction of the 1×4 rule (you can only spend 25% of what who enters or releases) having exceeded last year the salary limit established by LaLiga. To find a solution to this situation, Barcelona approaches CVC to sign an agreement that will give oxygen to their accounts.

Sevilla and Atlético have become the teams with the greatest margin for player salaries, behind Madrid. Monchi has a cap of 199,147,000 to make his sports squad; Atlético, 161,221,000. Betis, which has stood up to the greats of LaLiga and is fighting to be in Champion’s positions, has a limit of 61,254,000. Valencia, a rival of the Verdiblancos in the Copa del Rey final, has its ceiling at 57,748,000.

What is the salary limit, who and how is it calculated?

The Sports Squad Cost Limit is the concept that includes the maximum amount that each Spanish team can spend on salaries for players, coach, assistant coach, and physical trainer (registrable squad), as well as in the subsidiary, the quarry, and other club sections (non-registrable squad). It is the main pillar within the Economic Control so that the clubs are solvent.

The registrable sports squad includes fixed and variable salary remuneration (either payment in money or in-kind such as a house, a car, or a trip…), remuneration for transfers of image rights, amortization of signings, Social Security fees, compensation for the termination of contracts, collective premiums, acquisition costs when having to pay premiums to representatives…

Its calculation is made from the difference between income (from television rights, commercials, ticketing…) of the structural expenses and the repayment of the expected debt throughout the season. Each team is the one that draws up its own salary limit, being able to even put an amount below its ceiling (as some clubs have done), but always complying with the rules of the Economic Control of LaLiga and that must be approved by the Validation Body. In case of having a salary limit that does not guarantee the stability of the club, this body will reduce it to an amount that would make it possible. Salary limits are calculated with objective mathematical formulas without any individual subjectivity. In the event that a team ends the season with the salary limit exceeded, it will be sanctioned with the 1×4 rule for the following year. That is, you can only spend 25% of what you enter or the money you release (output of players).

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