The Atletico Madrid team has officially refused to establish an honorary corridor for its neighbor Real Madrid after winning the La Liga title before the two teams meet at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium next Sunday.

Real Madrid won the La Liga title for the 35th time in its history after winning 4-0 at its guest Espanyol last Saturday, to guarantee the title with four rounds to the end, as its score became 81 points, 17 points behind second-placed Seville, and veteran Italian Carlo Ancelotti became the coach. Real Madrid is the first coach to win the league title in the five major leagues in Europe, after previously winning in England, Italy, France and Germany.

According to the statements of officials from Atletico Madrid, saying: “Some want to turn a gesture of appreciation for the hero into a general tax that their competitors must pay under any concept. Should Atletico Madrid cooperate in an attempt to ridicule where the true values ​​of the sport are completely forgotten and tension and confrontation among the fans are encouraged.”

Atlético officials added: “We have participated in many similar situations in recent years after winning different titles, including two league titles, and on some occasions there was a kind of praise by the opposing team to our champion team and in other cases not, but such was not born. Exaggerated and artificial anticipation or controversy like the one we’ve been witnessing in recent weeks.”

Atletico Madrid officials continued: “Atletico Madrid is the last league champion. Does anyone remember any controversy over whether they should get a pass from their first opponent after winning the title? No, because there was no discussion in the first game of the season, Celta Vigo decided Not taking a lane was the right decision, because they are signs that should be made for the fans to salute, so it makes perfect sense that they should be shown in front of the champions’ fans which created the tension and in our first home game of the season in LaLiga, the players of Elche greeted us with a corridor of honor, of course, with gratitude and without any demands. “

Atlético officials concluded: “It is as important to know how to lose as it is to know how to win. At Atletico we do not intend to impose anything on others, it is clear that we have another way of understanding life.”

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