• The Italian throws a lot of credit down the drain. His plan with Modric up, the move to the defense of three… a tactical mess difficult to explain.

Ancelotti's 'anguish'

If someone would never expect a strange attack from a coach, much less with a nine-point lead over the second, it would be Carlo Ancelotti. The day when perhaps the most reasonable thing was to cover Benzema’s loss by playing as little as possible, the transalpine did the opposite. A strange R&D with Modric acting as a false nine when Jovic and Mariano were also the standard possibilities with zero risk and Asensio and Isco as alternatives with whom he had already flirted. Bale was neither in mind nor in the body. But the chosen one was Luka. A high pressure against Eric and Piqué was started by a 36-year-old player in the legs who is also one of the two official constructors of the white team’s game. What could go wrong?

In another unexpected turn of events, and with 0-2, the immobile Carletto decided to try a defense of three at the beginning of the second half, something never deployed by this Real Madrid 2021-22 against live fire and that recalls strange things like that drawing with Camavinga on the left side in the 1-2 against the Sheriff. “I wanted to try one on one at the back to put pressure on the midfield,” Ancelotti explained last night. A controversial decision to say the least against two of the fastest soccer players on the planet: Dembélé (35.9 km/h) and Aubameyang (35.5 km/h). Arrows seconded by Ferran who in just four minutes and 58 seconds ripped Madrid apart with two more goals. Finest classic.

“We have to talk about tactics internally, nothing worked, neither at the beginning nor what was changed later” Courtois

Because of me, because of me, because of my great fault. Ancelotti dressed as a Nazarene before the media but he didn’t have another either. A 0-4 with four-goal stops by Courtois also leaves no room other than to almost be thankful that the damage was not greater. Especially since the salad was still missing another blow from the Italian coach with the return to a defense of four and Casemiro at times as central. The final mess. “Let’s not make a drama,” Ancelotti told the locker room despite everything, but Courtois betrayed the disappointment of the troops when asked about the approach: “We have to talk about tactics internally, nothing worked, neither the beginning nor the which was changed later.

Madrid, sunk after conceding 0-2
Madrid, sunk after conceding 0-2

Carletto mixed hydrochloric acid with chlorine sulfate and caused a reaction that burned even his famous eyebrow. That poor lifeguard went down in history for making a mess of it in a swimming pool, but the Italian’s tactical eggplant in a Classic multiplies by ten the fingers that have been pointing at him from Paris. There are many shadows of past times shaking the chains. Queiroz, Benítez, Solari… Ancelotti will not be able to say that he has not been warned.

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