• A goal by Carrasco from a penalty before the break gave the victory to the mattress team, who were superior in the derby.
  • Ancelotti made many rotations and Atlético showed who was playing something at the Metropolitano.
  • The colchoneros failed several very clear occasions and ended up suffering in the final stretch of the clash.

Atlético de Madrid took the corridor to the Champions League by defeating Real Madrid at the Metropolitano thanks to a goal from Carrasco from a penalty before the break. The mattress team was better, which on Wednesday at the Martínez Valero can certify his presence in the next edition of the Champions League.

From the beginning of the game it was clear that there was a team that was playing it and another that already had its homework done. Even before, with Ancelotti ‘s line-up . Atlético came out intense, aggressive, pressing high, and in just eight minutes, they had already had two clear chances. The first for Correa, after stealing from Kondogbia , who finished off something crossed. The second from Carrasco, who searched for the near post without success. Something that was going to be repeated later.

The rojiblancos bit, with Llorente and Cunha starting the pressure and with Correa on the wing. Madrid was unable to get out with the ball, resorting to long shots to get past the center of the field. Kondogbia multiplied and the madridistas took refuge behind, which made it difficult for Atlético. There was no other opportunity until 30′, when after a wall between Llorente and Cunha , the Brazilian was slow to finish off and the ball hit Nacho. Then came the first shot on goal by the visitors, by Rodrygo from outside the box. Oblak stopped .

Simeone ‘s kept pressing , and in a deep ball, Vallejo committed a penalty on Cunha. He stepped on him and although Soto Grado did not see him at first, Martínez Munuera warned him from the VAR. He saw it and pointed to the eleven meters. Carrasco launched it, deceiving Lunin , a novelty in the white goal. 1-0.

From there to the break, and despite Cholo’s orders to keep pushing the team up, Madrid had two. One by Kroos from outside the area and then a one-on-one by Jovic after an unreported foul on Reinildo that Oblak disrupted . To the changing rooms.

There Correa remained , misguided, and Griezmann entered in his place. Madrid seemed to come out with one more march. And Atlético, with one less. The whites had more possession, but the one who tried it was Griezmann , with a powerful shot from 30 meters that went just wide. Llorente wasted a very clear counterattack and right after Casemiro equalized after a quick serve from Madrid and a mattress nap. The Brazilian finished very smoothly. The party had gone crazy. It was round trip and there was half an hour left. Carrasco missed another clear chance. And Ancelotti moved the bench.

Vinicius and Valverde entered for Jovic and Casemiro. And Cunha missed another clear one (or Lunin stopped it ) after stealing by Griezmann and an error by Camavinga. The Frenchman (the one from Atlético), moved very well between the lines, almost always generating superiority. Danger at the other arch. Valverde crossed. Again the Uruguayan, from the same position. Now Oblak showed off . Modric and Mendy also jumped onto the field. And Felipe, because Reinildo fell, and Simeone went on to play with three central defenders.


Griezmann and Cunha, from 40 meters, touched the second. And then again the Gaul. And later Carrasco, who crashed into the post with Lunin beaten. You can’t go wrong that much. Atlético stretched again, and Madrid suffered again. But the lack of aim of the mattresses gave him an extra life. Asensio almost took advantage of it , but Oblak was brilliant coming down. And then Nacho, who with a frank shot, hit with his shoulder. Five off.

Madrid overturned, and Atlético defended itself tooth and nail. It’s over. Triumph of the rojiblanco team, which takes a giant step towards the Champions League with its first win in a derby at the Metropolitano. The need was for the mattress makers, and it was noted. Deserved win.

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