Bayern Munich plays a preliminary match against Mainz at exactly three o’clock in the afternoon, Saturday, Berlin time, in the meeting that brings them together at the “Opel Arena” in the 32nd round of the Bundesliga championship.

Today’s match for Bayern is a “statistic achievement, as it won the Bundesliga title early since the last round, after defeating its arch-rivals, Borussia Dortmund, in the 31st round of the competition.

On the other hand, the Mainz team seeks to get the best possible result, especially that the match against the Bavarian giant will be on the grounds and in the middle of the Mainz fans.

Bayern Munich is at the top of the Bundesliga table, with a score of 75 points, after playing 31 rounds, as it won in 24 matches, drew in 3 and lost in 4 other matches, while Mainz comes in tenth place in the German League standings and has 39 points, after playing 31 rounds too.

The first-round meeting of the German League between Bayern Munich and Mainz ended with the Bavarian giant winning by two goals to one, at the Allianz Arena.

For his part, Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann confirmed during the match press conference that he hopes the Polish star Robert Lewandowski will continue with the Bavarian team during the coming period, amid reports that he is close to leaving.

Reports said that Robert Lewandowski is close to leaving the Bavarian club, as he did not reach an agreement with the German club to renew his contract, and reports indicate that he is close to moving to Barcelona.

When Nagelsmann asked about the Polish star, he said: “It is good that you have a safe planning, I would like us to reach an agreement, I will repeat it again, I would like to continue working with him.”

He added: “Thomas Muller is still sick, he does not suffer from Corona, but he will not travel to Mainz for tomorrow’s match. .

He continued, “I have a lot of exchanges with Hamidic and Marko Nebe. Apart from that, I have some topics that I work on through myself, mainly around job profiles. Otherwise, everyday life is relatively normal.”

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