Instagram is developing its FAQ for businesses

The Instagram platform is developing a new product FAQ, which allows people to initiate conversations with companies or creator accounts by clicking on a popular question in chat.

Those with the feature reported: They are able to create up to four questions that can optionally display at the start of a conversation with other users.

This feature could be useful for companies that often respond to customer inquiries about their products or services, or for content makers who receive a number of requests from fans or brands interested in collaborating.

The introduction of the product highlights the extent to which the Instagram messaging platform has overlapped with the Facebook Messenger messaging platform, after the recent launch of the new messaging experience on Instagram.

Facebook announced in September that Instagram users will have the option to upgrade to a new mailbox that provides a number of features inspired by Facebook Messenger – such as the ability to change the color of the chat, interact with any emoji, and set messages to disappear.

The upgrade also introduced cross-app connectivity between the Instagram and Facebook Messenger platforms.

With these changes, Facebook appears to be paving the way towards making the Instagram messaging experience on par with Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger offers a similar option to common questions for Facebook page owners within the Automatic Replies section in Facebook Messenger settings.

Page owners or admins can set up a series of frequently asked questions and their answers to those questions, which can be presented at the start of conversations – just like this new Instagram feature offerings.

The Instagram FAQ option was discovered earlier this year during development, but appears to be only intended for business accounts, according to the app’s code.

However, new reports and screenshots – from an Instagram user with access to the feature – indicate that common questions will be available to creator accounts, as well as companies.

The FAQ could be either under early testing or Instagram has started rolling it out more widely without advertising, as the platform has refused to provide details about the product.

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