Hyundai Motor Company held ‘Art + Tech Program’ in Shanghai, China

Hyundai Motor Company announced that it will run the ‘Hyundai Art + Tech Program’ at the Yuz Museum Shanghai, China, for about three months from the 22nd to February of next year.

The’Hyundai Art+Tech Program’ is part of a partnership activity that Hyundai Motor Company signed with the Yuzu Museum last year, and consists of various customer experience programs that can enhance understanding of the convergence of art and technology.

The first program is’Curator in Conversation’ with the theme of’Artfully Intelligent’. The host was held by Iris Long Xinru, curator of the Hyundai Blue Prize winner last year.

Experts in various fields, including artists participating in Hyundai Blue Prize, Zhang Wenxin, curator Art Yan, and Pei Jun, a professor at the Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts, participated as speakers. We plan to communicate with the audience on the subject of human interaction.

Audiences can participate in the Yuzu Museum of Art and ask and answer questions in real time through live streaming of the Chinese social platform Zaiart.

In addition, Hyundai Motor Company also operates various customer experience programs such as the’Hyundai Art+Tech Workshop’, where you can learn about the roots of today’s cutting-edge technology, and the’Hyundai Art+Tech Family Program’, where you can participate as a family and experience the process of digital art production. I am going to do it.

In addition to the’Modern Art + Tech Program’, Iris Long’s special exhibition’Lying Sophia and Mocking Alexa’ will be held until January 31st next year. This exhibition, which was unveiled at Hyundai Motorstudio Beijing last year, is an art+tech based exhibition that deals with the way artificial intelligence technology works in the relationship between machines and humans and the bonds formed in the relationship.

A view of the Yuz Museum of Art in Shanghai, China
A view of the Yuz Museum of Art in Shanghai, China

In addition, during the same period, Hyundai Motor Company plans to present a wealth of exhibitions for the development and expansion of the Chinese culture and art world by sponsoring the exhibition’The Abode of Illusions: The Garden of Zhang Daqian’ organized by the Yuzu Museum.

A Hyundai Motor Company official said, “Hyundai Motors has been communicating with Chinese customers and delivering special experiences starting with Hyundai Motor Studio Beijing.” We look forward to being a platform for a better future.”

Meanwhile, Hyundai Motor Company has produced a digital image series of ‘ART+TECHNOLOGY’ every year since 2018 under a joint plan with Bloomberg, and used digital technology in collaboration with ‘ELEKTRA’, a Canadian-based art institution in June. We are continuing our efforts to create new human-centered values ​​through various global art projects, such as exhibiting a work of art at Hyundai Motor Studio Seoul.

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