Huawei is the world’s first in wireless communication innovation in 2020

A new report showed that the Chinese company Huawei ranked first in the world in the number of patent filings for wireless communications in the year ending in October 2020, and the company also maintained the pace of research and development even in light of the Corona epidemic, and the impact of US restrictions on exports.

The company – based in Shenzhen, China – filed 8,607 wireless patents between January 1 and October 30, ahead of US chip maker Qualcomm, which obtained 5,807 patents, according to a report released on Monday. Thursday, according to the Chinese incoPat, which also ranked the top 100 companies, where the Chinese smartphone company (Oppo) came in third place with 5,353 patents.

By country, China and the United States each had a 32 percent share of filed patents, followed by Japan with 15 percent, and then South Korea with 7 percent. IncoPat said: The list is based on general data for patents in the field of wireless communication networks, including: 5G networks.

“As a major area of ​​modern communication, wireless communication network technology has always been a very important part of the research and development process for the fifth generation,” the report states. He added: “With the new technical competition and the new globalization situation, wireless communication networks technology has become an important strategic choice for companies to face international competition.”

Patents – especially in emerging technologies such as 5G networks and artificial intelligence – play an important role in determining which companies and countries will enjoy special advantages in the “economy of tomorrow.”

In addition to its patent filings, Huawei is also leading contributions to 5G networks in 3GPP, a comprehensive international organization that develops communication standards, outperforming its European competitor Ericsson and the US Qualcomm, according to an earlier report by research and consulting firm Strategy Analytics. The year.

This year, 3GPP (version 16) has defined Release 16, which is the next stage of 5G standards that includes a set of new applications, such as: autonomous driving, smart factories, and remote surgery in the healthcare sector.

The United States, worried about economic progress in Beijing and amid national security concerns, last year escalated a tech war with China that threatens to disengage the two economies in many areas, opening the prospects for double standards for many new technologies.

Meanwhile, China continued its strong push for 5G networks, as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced earlier this month that the country had built nearly 700,000 base stations for 5G networks in 2020, surpassing its original target of half a million.

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