How to use the Reminders app in macOS Big Sur

In the new operating system (MacOS Big Sur), Apple added a number of improvements to most applications on the Mac, including the application Reminders, as the process of inserting, sharing, organizing and customizing reminders has become easier than ever, which helps you remember the tasks that you must do While using the computer.

Here’s how to use the Reminders app in the new macOS Big Sur:

First: How to add a new reminder to the reminders app:
– Open the Reminders app on your Mac computer.
– In the lower right corner of the main screen, press the option (Add List), type a name, then press the (Return) option.
– Double-click on the colored icon on the left side of the menu name, then select (Edit) Edit.
– In the new menu, tap the (+) sign in the top right corner of the screen to create a new reminder.
– Type in the text you want to be reminded of, such as: exercise, then add the date and time.
– If you want to move the reminder to a different list, just drag and drop it onto the list you want.
– Once done, click on the circle next to its title to select “Done”.

You can also add emojis to your reminders and lists, to do so follow these steps:

– Click on the option (Edit) Edit.
– Click on the option (Emoji & Symbols).
– Select an option from the icons shown.
Second: How to share the reminders list:
You may want to include other people in your reminders list so that they will also be alerted when the reminder is due.To do this, follow these steps:

– Hover over the name of the list you want to share in the sidebar on the left, and you’ll see a contact icon, which is a small silhouette inside a circle.
– Tap this icon, then choose your sharing method, which includes: Messages app and AirDrop, Mail, or Copy URL link.
– Once you select the sharing method, click on the Share option, then enter the recipient data.

Once the list is shared, you can set reminders for a person it has been shared with, by pressing the (i) icon next to the reminder and selecting the person through the (Assign To) option.

Third: How to customize the reminder lists:
You can customize the reminders according to your desire, by pressing the (i) icon to show the popup menu that contains multiple tools, such as: selecting a location on the map to be alerted when you arrive at it, or selecting someone to send you a text message as soon as the reminder is sent to him.

In the same list, you can also repeat the reminder, either every day, week, month, or year, or according to a custom schedule, and if you choose to repeat the reminder, you can also specify the date on which the repetition will end, and you can also set a priority for the reminder, whether: low, medium or high , And add information in the form of a related web address or image.

Fourth: Use Siri’s smart suggestions:
The voice assistant Siri activates many features in your Mac computer, and with the Reminders application, the voice assistant can pick up the words you use when writing a reminder, such as: tonight or noon, and add information based on it.

The voice assistant can also use the information from the Mail app to display reminder suggestions, for example: If you are in regular contact with someone in the Mail app and then you type their name in a reminder, they will suggest it for you as a contact to add them, and the voice assistant can suggest dates, locations and times For reminders based on past tasks you created, saving you time and effort in the process.

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