How to use the Out of Office feature in Google Docs

The service (Google Workspace) – formerly known as G Suite – contains a set of productivity and collaboration tools, to help teams work together on projects at the same time, and Google is always working on updating and introducing new features to its users, and among these tools is the application (documents Google Documents, which got a great feature recently.

What are the details?

Given that most people are working from home now after the conditions imposed by the spread of the Coronavirus in all different walks of life, Google has introduced a great smart feature in the (Google Docs) application called (Out of Office) that will alert you if your colleague is not currently available.

As the Corona pandemic continues to spread, many people may need to take leave from work or isolate themselves for some time, so it may be a little difficult to deliver the message directly if it is not available at the moment, so the new feature will tell you whether your colleague is currently available or not.

For example: When you try to refer to your colleague in the collaborative (Google Document), you will see a small pop-up window that includes information telling you that your colleague is currently not available to communicate with him, with additional information including his return date and time if your colleague previously included this information.

How to use the feature in Google Docs?

To distinguish yourself in Offline mode, all you have to do is press the “Out Of Office” option, and the application will set you not currently available in the Calendar application, and then when your colleague tries to contact you, the document editor will display a popup telling him that you are not currently available as well as the date and time you will be available if you have previously entered this information.

Out Of Office
Out Of Office

In addition, if several people mark themselves as offline, the name of each person who is currently unavailable will appear in the pop-up window. For more information, you can click on the (i) sign, which will show you his return date also, if available. This information.

Note that the feature will only appear if this person is not currently available, and to set the return date and time, there must be a calendar shared between you to set the date of availability, noting that this feature is already available to (G Suite) customers and it will be available to everyone around The world at the end of February or beginning of next March.

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