How to use the fortnite video chat feature

Epic Games, the developer of the famous game Fortnite, has announced the launch of a new video chat feature that will allow Fortnight players to see their friends while playing, where players can allow their friends to see them directly within the game, and the new feature comes from Epic Games in collaboration with the chat app Houseparty acquired by the company last year.

Here’s how to use fortnite video chat:

Note: The feature is available to players via personal computers, PlayStation 4 and Sony‘s PlayStation 5.

To do this, follow the following steps:

  • Be sure to update the Fortnite game in your computer or gaming platform to the latest version.
  • Install the Houseparty app on your Android phone via this link, or iPhone via this link.
  • Open the Houseparty app in your smartphone, and link it to your Epic Games account by pressing the TV icon.
  • Leave the app open on your phone, then play fortnite on your computer or gaming platform.
  • After downloading the game, press the TV icon in the Houseparty again.
  • Turn on Fortnite Mode on your PC or gaming platform, and anyone you invite to a Houseparty chat will appear on the left side of the game screen.
fortnite houseparty video chat
fortnite houseparty video chat

Note: The Houseparty will only display the face, which means that the camera will automatically focus on the user’s face, and you will get a virtual background dominated by the fortnite character so that your face appears only to other players, and if the user’s face moves out of the camera’s field of view, the colored background is only what will appear to other users, in order to protect the privacy of the players.

According to Epic Games, this feature is designed for players over the age of 13, so if you don’t want your child to use this feature, you can use fortnite parental controls to block the Houseparty app completely, and you can disable the voice chat feature as well.

parental controls for fortnite houseparty video chat
parental controls for fortnite houseparty video chat

In addition, it’s easy to block anyone you don’t want in your video chat, as you can do it within the Houseparty app by pressing the face of the person you want to block and choosing block,and you can always lock the video chat to keep unwanted people from snooping into your video chat room.

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