How to use the add shortcutfeature for shared folders in OneDrive

Last week, Microsoft launched a new feature in the cloud storage service (OneDrive) that makes it easier to find content that others share with you through the service.

The new feature is called Add to OneDrive, and it makes it easy to add a shortcut to the shared folder to easily find it within the many folders you have in the service.

Here’s how to use the OneDrive Shared Folders Add Shortcuts feature:

Note: These shortcuts appear on the home page on the OneDrive web version, in File Explorer on Windows computers, the Finder tool on Mac computers, the Teams app, and in the OneDrive mobile apps.

To add a shortcut to a shared folder in OneDrive, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your account (OneDrive) via this link.
  • On the right side of the main screen, click on the (Shared) tab.
  • Find the folder you want to add, then select it by clicking on it.
  • When selecting the file, you will see an option (Add shortcut to My files) in the upper part; click on it.
  • This will create a shortcut to the shared folder inside OneDrive Files.

Note: You will not see the option (Add shortcut to my files) if:

  • You previously added the folder to the OneDrive service, or you selected more than one folder, as you cannot add multiple folders at the same time.
  • In case the item you are trying to add is not a folder, this option is not available for individual files or groups of files such as: Albums.
  • If you added a shortcut to a folder that was already synced, in this case the folder you were syncing will remain in File Explorer, and you will not see the new shortcut in the OneDrive folder.

In addition, when you move files between shared folders, you lose their current permissions, and you get permissions from the folder they were moved to, for example: If you move an item to a folder you have given it Read Only permission, then the item becomes read-only as well.

If you delete files from shared folders in the OneDrive web version, these files will be sent to the Recycle Bin of the shared folder’s owner alone, but if you sync OneDrive service with your computer, items that are deleted from a shared folder will appear in Recycle bin on the computer.

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