How to use Samsung’s Find My Mobile

Samsung’s Find My Mobile locator can locate your phone on the map, and it works pretty much the same as the Find My Device service from Google or Apple’s Find My iPhone. A Samsung phone tracker – Find My Mobile – can also help to keep tabs on your phone until you get it back.

How to use Samsung Find My Mobile:

If you have never used the Find My Mobile service before, you will need to agree to its terms of service before you can start, and after a quick setup you will be able to locate your phone.

It should be noted however that Samsung’s Find My Mobile will only work if your phone is turned on. If it’s turned off, you may need to check back periodically to see if it’s turned on. And if you run out of battery you will have to turn to old detective work.

– Go to ( and you will find a Samsung tool online to locate the lost device. If you have never used this tool from your computer and are not logged in, select Sign in.
– On the login screen, enter the email address or phone number used to set up your Samsung account, as well as your password.
– If you have never used this tool before, then you first need to agree to the privacy policy from Samsung, allow it to locate your phone, and accept some legal terms. If you agree with all of this, select (OK).
– If your phone is also signed in to your Samsung account, the Find My Mobile app will instantly locate your lost phone on the map.
– If your lost phone is near and you cannot locate it, select Ring, then Ring again to command the device to ring or sound. It will ring at the highest volume even if the sound is turned off.

You can also ask the Samsung tracker to monitor your phone until you get it back. You can select the location tracker item in the remote tools menu and then start. The application will also update the site every 15 minutes. It will also display a notification on your phone that the location is being tracked.

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