How to use Apple Watch without Force Touch features

Due to the small screen of the Apple Smart Watch, the Force Touch feature was a very useful way for developers to add quick access to features and menus, as it allows users to long press on the device’s screen to access additional content and controls.

But now with the release of the new operating system (WatchOS 7), Apple has officially removed this feature, leaving users wondering what they can use to interact with apps and the main watch face, such as: changing faces or deleting apps and other actions.

Here’s how to use Apple Watch without Force Touch features:

What really changed?
The Force Touch feature – as is the case with most of the inputs on the Apple Smart Watch – depends on what you want to do, for example: the process of pressing on the main watch screen differs from pressing the applications, as each will have different effects and actions that must be performed.

To alleviate users from the absence of this feature, Apple has included a mixture of completely new menus and options in the release of the WatchOS 7 operating system, where you can now do some actions in the Apple smart watch without the need for the feature, including:

1- Change the watch face:
Since the faces of the Apple smart watch are the most customizable part of the watchOS version, you may find it difficult to switch your watch face in the absence of the feature, but you can still do this by long pressing on the face to show the Edit view.

After that, you can press Edit to modify the watch face as before or take advantage of the new watch face sharing feature in the version of WatchOS 7, now once you make the changes, press the Preview option to return to the main screen.

2- Change the layout of applications in the Apple Watch:
If you can’t choose between displaying apps in alphabetical order or named (honeycomb) layout style, you might be wondering how to switch between the two? To do this, you will need to open the (Settings) application in the Apple Watch, then go to the App View option to be able to choose (Grid View) or (List view) List view.

3- Clear all notifications in one go:
Previously, the Force Touch feature allowed you to delete all notifications in the watch at once, by long pressing the screen and choosing the Clear All option that appears to you, but now instead you must swipe the screen up with your finger or the digital crown to find On the option (Clear All).

4- Starting a new message:
Now with the release of the WatchOS 7 operating system, you have to scroll up to find the option (new message) New Message, instead of long press on the main screen to bring up the main menu and choose from it.

It is worth noting that the release of the new operating system WatchOS 7 now provides weekly listening notifications when you exceed the limit for safe listening to loud sounds through headphones or headphones associated with a smart watch, and in the iPhone Health app you will find a weekly summary with more details about how long you have listened to Sounds loud every week.

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