How to switch to Google Discover on the Galaxy S21

Google Discover is one of the features of the Android operating system that is very popular with users, it allows them to get news and related information from multiple sources through the Google Discover feed based on what Google systems see matching your interests.

Most phones that run the Android 11 operating system allow you to either switch to the Google Discover feed or set it as the default service, but there are some smartphone manufacturers that make this switching a little difficult.

Samsung is one of these companies, as it has its own service called Samsung Free previously installed in its phones, to display news feeds and TV shows, but if you are working with the version of the user interface (One UI 3.1) and the latest versions of the Galaxy S21, you can easily switch from its service Defaults to your Google Discover feed.

Here’s how to switch to the Google Discover feed on the Galaxy S21:

  • Long press any empty space on the Galaxy S21 home screen to bring up customization options.
  • Swipe right to get to the first screen where the feeds are.
  • On this screen be sure to toggle the button on top to ON.
  • Select (Google Discover) feed instead of (Samsung Free) service.
samsung free google discover how to switch step
samsung free google discover how to switch step

Note: This service is only available on Samsung Galaxy phones running Android OS version 11, One UI 3.1, and later versions, and this is currently limited to (Galaxy S21), (Galaxy S21 Plus) and (Galaxy S21 Ultra) phones. However, other Samsung phones, such as (Note 20), (Note 20 Ultra), and (S20 FE), are expected to receive this update in the coming months.

Plus, if you’ve already used the Google Discover feed on another smartphone, you probably have an idea of how useful it can be to have a curated list of news and updates customized to your liking.

However, you can continue to use the newly redesigned (Samsung Free) service, as this service, as in the Google service, allows you to select your favorite news and media sources, and it also features additions that are not available in the Google service, such as built-in mini-games and live TV programs And many more.

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