How to stop Twitter from selling your information to advertisers

Twitter, like all social media platforms, depends on the ads that appear in it.

This means that they receive money from some users and companies in order to display their ads within the platform and make them appear to the largest number of viewers.

Therefore, it uses your browsing data and your Twitter usage data to make advertising more personalized.

This means that the appropriate ad appears to the person who is considering or showing interest in it.

Many consider this move a breach of the privacy of their use by Twitter, because the company previously announced that it does not intend to use the data of subscribers in ads.

But the platform allows you to prevent advertisers from accessing your data, in other words, you refuse to share your data with different advertisers.

Hide data from advertisers:

You can prevent advertisers from accessing your usage data on the platform by following these steps:

Tap the three-star sign in the mobile app or head to the next page on your computer.

Then choose Settings, then Security Settings, and then choose Personalization Data.

When you get to the personalization interface, you see a set of options that you must disable in order to protect your data.

When you get to the personalization interface, you see a set of options that you must disable in order to protect your data.

You can disable ad personalization by turning off some of the options that allow Twitter to access data about your geographic location, internet use, and the sites you visit.

You can also view the data that Twitter holds about your account, via the Personalization and data page, and then click on the option to see Twitter data.

Twitter keeps a bunch of data about you, which is broken down into groups such as account and account history, device and app data, and your account activities and interests.

This data includes information that you may not think Twitter is collecting about you, such as the number of accounts that have access to your account if it is managed by more than one person.

It also includes the geographical places you’ve visited and the Twitter app running and registered to your phone.

The Platform also maintains data about your devices and the applications you use from those devices.

Finally, Twitter uses your account’s activity data, such as the Tweets you write, the Tweets you like, and the accounts you follow.

As well as your interests, searches through the platform and tweets that stop in front of it often.

Many users think that Twitter is more secure than Facebook, but in fact, the two platforms collect the same data.

But Twitter tells you that it collects this data about you and allows you to turn it off.

In the UK and European countries you can turn off ad personalization completely

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