How to share the Wi-Fi password in the Android system

Sharing a Wi-Fi password from an Android smartphone has become easier with Android 10, and before that, it was a matter of reading a long password while the recipient writes it on their device, and with the OS update, Android users can create a QR code in a few steps and share it With Android or iPhone user.

And if you need to share the Wi-Fi password from an iPhone, use Airdrop to share the password with another iOS device. And you can share your Wi-Fi password on Android device using the QR code generation app.

How to share Wi-Fi password using a QR code:

Android 10 wifi password sharing does not require an application; You can do this from your settings. The sharing process is the same, whether you share it with an Android or iPhone user. But first, be sure to connect the Android device to the Wi-Fi network your guest wants to join.

– Once the device has joined the network, you will receive a notification.
– Go to settings.
– Click Network and Internet.
– Click on the name of the Wi-Fi network.
– Tap on the settings gear next to the name.
– Tap Share.
– Your smartphone will ask you to verify that the user is you, using your fingerprint or unlock code.
– Once the phone is unlocked, a QR code will be generated, and the password will also appear below the QR code in case the device cannot read the QR code or there is no camera.
– Repeat this process to generate the QR code every time you need to share your password.

– And if you expect to use this feature a lot, take a screenshot of the QR code, so you don’t have to re-create it frequently.

How to join Wi-Fi network via QR code:

If someone shares a Wi-Fi password with you using this process, connecting to the network is simple, whether you have an Android or iPhone smartphone.

– Open the camera app on the Android or iPhone device.
– Place it over the QR code on the screen of the other phone.
– After the camera reads the code, you will receive a notification to join the network. Click on it to call.
– If the camera does not recognize the QR code, type the password shown under it.

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