How to play PlayStation Plus Collection games on the PS4 platform

At the end of October, Sony announced a new feature for PlayStation Plus subscribers called (PlayStation Plus Collection) that allows them to access a new curated series of PS4 games that will be available for digital download via the PS5 platform at no additional cost as long as Subscription to the service is active.

Sony says: “These (PS4) games should benefit from playing them via the (PS5) platform that includes more powerful hardware, and also benefit from fast loading times and more consistent frame rates in some cases.”

Here’s how to play PlayStation Plus Collection games on PS4?

What is Play Station Plus Collection?

In addition to the many benefits that you can access when you subscribe to the (PlayStation Plus) service, such as: exclusive discounts, playing with multiplayer online, and getting two free games every month, you can now play specific PS4 games through the new PS5 gaming platform for free. Without paying any extra.

How to play PlayStation Plus Collection games on PS4:

Remember, the games in (PlayStation Plus Collection) cannot be downloaded directly via the PS4 platform, but can be played if they are added to your PS5 library. As long as you are logged into the PS4 platform with the account that you used to download the games in the PS5, it will appear for you to download them on any platform, to do so follow these steps:

  • Go to the PlayStation Store on your PS5 console.
  • Scroll to the bottom, then select PlayStation Plus.
  • Select the option (PlayStation Plus Collection), then choose the games you want to download.
  • Now, you will find these games in your Library when you log into the PlayStation 4 console.

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