How to organize and manage messages in the application on Apple devices

The iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 version of Apple give you two ways to organize and manage SMS (text messages) in the built-in iMessage app, where you can now either install the contact you chat with regularly at the top. Or, just filter messages by senders instead of scrolling long to find the message you want.

Here’s how to organize and manage text messages in the Messages app on iPhone and iPad:

First: How can you install conversations in the texting application:
– Open the text messaging app on your iPhone or iPad.
– Find a conversation or contact you chat with regularly, and once you find it you can install it in one of the following four ways:
– Press and hold the conversation, then choose (Pin) Pin from the popup menu that appears.
– Drag the conversation to the right side of the screen, then tap the Pin (install) icon.
– Drag the conversation to the top of the screen and drop it in the circle containing the phrase Drag here to pin.
– Click on the (-) symbol in the top right of the screen, then select the Edit Pins option, press the pin icon next to any conversation you want to install, then press the Done option.

Note: You can install any number of conversations according to your desire at the top of the application screen, and if you want to uninstall a conversation, you just have to press and hold it and then choose (Uninstall) Unpin from the popup menu that appears.

Second: How can you filter incoming text messages according to the sender only:

You can filter your conversations in the Messages app to see only those from known senders or those from unknown senders, to do so follow these steps:

– Open the (Settings) app on your iPhone or iPad.
– Click on the Messages option.
– Swipe down, then change the button next to Filter Unknown Senders to On.

– Open the Messages application, then click on the Filter option on the top left of the screen.
– Here you can choose (All Messages) to see all conversations, or (Known Senders) to see conversations from only known contacts, or (Unknown senders) to see conversations from anyone else.

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