How to install iOS 15 on iPhone before its official launch

Apple has made it possible to download the beta version of iOS 15, but only for developers and not all users.

You can install iOS 15 even if you’re not a developer, and that’s because Apple allows everyone to sign up for the Developer Program.

iOS 15 offers a set of features on iPhone phones, and it makes you dispense with some external applications in exchange for new features built-in.

Through the method we mention today, you can get all the beta versions of the new systems from Apple, and this means the new Mac system and the smart watch system as well.

But this trial is not free, as you need to purchase a developer account from Apple, and it costs about $100 per year.

Therefore, we do not recommend subscribing to the portal unless you are already a developer or want to try out the new system before everyone else.

Where Apple is making the free trial of the system available with a trial version open to everyone, it may be released next month.

How to install iOS 15 via developer account:

You can install the system by downloading it from the Apple developer portal, and you can follow the following steps until you install it:

Head to the Apple Developer Portal via this link, and then click on the two bars on the side of the page.

  • After that, log in to your account, then re-click on the two lines to go to the Downloads section.
ios 15
  • When you get to the Downloads section, go to the Install Profile button, and then allow it to be downloaded.
ios 15 beta
  • After that, go to the settings menu and then activate the account you installed via the Profile Downloaded button at the top.
  • Then press the Install button at the top left of the screen, and the phone may ask you to enter the security code.
  • After that restart the phone.
  • When the phone returns to work, head to the general settings menu, then the system updates menu, and you will find the iOS 15 update is available to you.
  • Agree to the terms of use and then install it.

But you should take a backup of the system before installing the trial, because the initial trial versions are not stable.

This means that you may lose your data and photos on the phone, so you should take a backup of all your important data.

We do not recommend installing the trial version on the main phone you are using, as it may stop working or cause damage to your phone.

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