How to install Google Chat conversations in Gmail

The process of installing Google Chat conversations in your Gmail email service is relatively easy, assuming you don’t mind waiting for the feature to roll out from your work account to your personal account.

This step is the first of many integrations between Google Chat and the Gmail email service, as Google Chat will be free for all users starting next year, and will replace Google Hangouts as part of the company’s new batch (Google Workspace). This includes replacing the (Hangouts) mobile and web apps with Google Chat, as well as adding (Hangouts) integration to the popular Gmail service.

While it is easy to draw your attention to the emergence of another messaging app from Google, Google Chat will be able to do more than Hangouts does, especially from within the popular Gmail service.

For example: You will be able to send a chat message to your Gmail contacts’ inbox, or check links (URL) using Google’s Safe Browsing settings before clicking on it. The chat also integrates with other Google applications such as Docs, Meet, and Calendar.

Install Google Chat conversations in Gmail to easily reach your favorite people:

Conversation installation is available on desktop and in the Gmail mobile app, and works with both regular live chat threads and group chat (rooms) in chat. It should be available to all users once Chat is publicly released, but Enterprise and G Suite accounts can try it now. Here’s how to do it:

  • Scroll through the (Chat) or (Rooms) side menu in Gmail to find the conversation you want to pin.
  • Select the three-dot (More) menu icon, then select (Install). You can also select (Uninstall) to remove pinned conversations.

  • Pinned chat conversations or room groups display a print icon and remain at the top of the Gmail side menu, and they also display a red dot when there is an unread message. And this little feature will keep track of important conversations – at least once your Gmail app replaces Hangouts with Google Chat instead.

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