How to get the most out of the Facebook Messenger app

The Messenger application is one of the most used Facebook applications, with more than 1.3 billion monthly active users, primarily due to the popularity of the Facebook application, and then the company’s keenness to include new features in the application on a regular basis – including Integrating the private messaging experience Messenger app in Instagram photo and video sharing app – which found great popularity from users, which makes the experience of using the app very enjoyable.

Here are 5 tips to get the most out of the Facebook Messenger app:

1- Chatting across Facebook platforms together:

Chatting across Facebook platforms

The application (Facebook Messenger) appeared for the first time as (Facebook Chat) Facebook Chat in 2008, but after the company acquired the other two applications WhatsApp and Instagram, it made a great effort to integrate the applications together.

Now if you are using the (Facebook Messenger) application, you can chat with your friends in the Instagram application without the need to switch between applications, and to do so, follow the following steps:

  • Open an app on your phone or tablet.
  • Tap on the Settings option.
  • Click on Privacy, then click on Message Delivery.
  • On the new screen that appears, you can choose whether your Instagram friends can message you via Messenger, or block access to you completely.

2- Create group chat rooms in the Facebook Messenger application:

messenger rooms main mobile

In order to compete with other group video calling services, such as: Zoom, Facebook introduced Messenger Rooms feature in the app to give you a place for remote video communication with your friends, where you can share your screen, play games or watch videos together.

3- Create an opinion poll:

Sometimes you may want to take the opinions of your friends who communicate with them through the Facebook Messenger application on a topic, for that, Facebook provided an easy way to create a poll within the application itself, and to do so, follow the following steps:

  • Open the app on your phone or tablet.
  • Open the group chat that includes the group of friends you want to ask for their opinion on your topic.
  • Click on the four dots next to the chat box at the bottom of the Android phone screen, or the (+) symbol on the bottom left side of the iPhone screen.
  • Click on the Polls option.
  • On the next screen, type your question and then add the options you want.
  • After you finish click on Create Poll.

4- Receiving SMS messages in the Facebook Messenger application:

You can set the (Facebook Messenger) application as the default SMS and instant messaging application in your phone instead of the application that comes previously built-in, note that this setting is only available for users of phones running the Android operating system, and to do so, follow the following steps:

  • Open the Messenger app on your Android phone.
  • Click on your profile picture in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • From the menu that appears, press the SMS (short messages) option.
  • On the next screen, toggle the button to the ON position.
  • You will see new options that allow you to specify how the app handles text and media messages.

5- Share location:

You can send your location to anyone you talk to via the app, where a map of your geographical location will be shown for 60 minutes and then the map will disappear automatically, to do so, follow these steps:

  • Open the app on your phone or tablet, then open a conversation with the person you want to share your location with.
  • Click on the four dots next to the chatbox on an Android phone, or click the (+) sign on the lower right-hand side on an iPhone.
  • Click on the share location icon that appears, and you will be presented with a map showing your current location.
  • Click on the Share Live Location option.
  • Grant the app permission to use your phone’s location settings, then tap Share.
  • Your friend will receive a link that they must click to open the map to see your location in real-time, and the map will only be visible for 60 minutes.
  • If you want to delete the map for any reason, click on the Stop Sharing Location option, and the map will disappear for your friend.
Stop Sharing Location

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