How to fix the problem of crashing applications in Android phones

Most of the apps you install from the Google Play Store work great on almost any Android device, however it can be very frustrating when any of your favorite apps keep crashing on your cool Android phone.

Many people assume that applications crash due to a bug in the program, or because it is not compatible with the device, but the truth is that there are a wide range of reasons that may cause an application to crash in Android devices; So work through the following troubleshooting tips before you give in to reality.

But before starting to troubleshoot, check the app’s Google Play page to see which version of Android it supports, usually this is listed at the bottom under (Requires Android), and it will display the minimum OS version required to run the app.

The reason for crashing applications in Android devices:

There are several reasons why apps might keep crashing, but there are some more common causes for this problem:
– The application does not support your Android version.
– Your installed application version is out of date.
– The app requires a better network connection than the one you are connected to.
– Your device is out of storage space, and the app does not have access to enough memory in the operating system.
– How to fix when apps keep crashing:

Try the following fixes in order, they are provided from most common cause to least common and they should help you fix this problem quickly:

Restart Android device: This surprisingly simple solution solves the majority of problems, including crashing applications, and this is because often over time the browser and app cache can fill up the Android memory, and when the phone has been running for an extended period of time, the memory usage can be These things are condensed, and restarting your device will wipe and free up all caches.
Check your internet connection: Some apps require more internet bandwidth, and they won’t work well with a cellular internet connection. So make sure your Android device Wi-Fi is turned on and test the app when you have a strong internet connection through your home network.
Update the app: You can choose to manually update the app causing the problem, or you can update all apps in your phone automatically. Make sure your Android OS has the latest system updates as well.
Update Google Play Services: This background app is one of the basic Android OS functions that ensure the apps work properly. And when this service is not running in the background or is out of date, it may cause apps to crash.
Force stop the app: Sometimes even when you think you have closed an app it won’t close properly, and it may continue running in the background. Sometimes when this happens and you try to reopen the app again it will crash. And if you find that this fixes your problem, make sure you know how to properly close apps.
Clear app data: When you use an app it constantly saves data in cache to improve performance. Sometimes this data can be corrupted; This may cause the application to crash. Sometimes, manually clearing the cache can solve the problem. If that doesn’t work, you may need to go further to boot your Android device into recovery mode and select (Wipe Cache Partition) to wipe the entire system cache.
Check app permissions: If your app has been updated recently, it is possible that the app’s permissions have reverted to default on the Android device, and this could cause anything unexpected behavior, so go back to the app’s permissions, and make sure it has all the permissions That he needs. If you are not sure of the required permissions, grant the app all the permissions just to test whether this fixes the problem.
Reinstall the application: If all fails, the application itself may contain corrupted files that do not allow it to function properly. So try to uninstall the app and reinstall it again. And if you can’t find the app in the Google Play Store anymore, you may need to find the APK and install it instead.
Free up storage space: If everything fails up to this point, then it is possible that you no longer have enough storage space in your Android device to run the app properly. There are several ways that you can free up space to run the app again. Try to use (Android Storage Manager) to clear unnecessary files.
Factory reset your Android phone: If you are absolutely sure that the app should work fine on the Android version that you have, and you are desperate to restart the app again, you can always choose to factory reset the phone.

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