How to clear the cache on your Mac computer?

The cache is a part of any operating system, whether it is a Windows system or a Mac operating system, it is a storage system that saves the necessary data for the random access memory (RAM) for some time, allowing it to be retrieved faster in Subsequent requests, and this greatly speeds up system performance.

But with the development of operating systems, there are several types of cache, and each of them must be cleaned from time to time to keep your data safe and free up disk storage space, which helps the operating system to run more smoothly, and if you are facing problems with a specific application, it may The step of clearing its cache also helps fix these issues.

What is the cache on a Mac computer?

Cached are temporary files that the computer downloads and stores in a hidden folder in the system folder, to save time in finding them later, for example: when you visit a website, the browser downloads images and saves them in the cache folder, at the time The next you visit the site itself, the browser quickly loads the data from the cache instead of downloading it again.

And it is not just the web browser that stores cached files, but other applications, such as: photo and video editing programs, also create cached data, and even Apple applications, such as Spotlight and Maps themselves store some files temporarily.

There are three main types of cache: Browser Cache, System Cache, and Application Cache, also called User Cache.

Below, we will learn how you can clear the cache on Mac computer easily?

Note: After clearing this data, you may find that when you visit certain websites, you will need to enter your login information even if you did not have to before.

First: How to clear applications cache:

You can clear apps cached data using keyboard shortcuts, to do that follow these steps:

  • In the menu bar at the top, click the “Finder” tab.
  • In the window that appears, press (Shift + Command + G) on your keyboard.
  • Within the “Go to Folder” popup window, enter the following command into the search box: (~/Library/Caches), then click the “Go” option.
  • A folder containing the cached files will open on your Mac.
  • On this screen, you can browse each folder and manually delete some cached files by dragging them to the trash, remember you should and empty the trash later.
  • If you want to wipe the entire OS cache, select all files in the folder by pressing (ctrl + A) on your keyboard, then pressing the Delete button.
  • A window will appear to confirm that you want to delete the files and ask for your Mac’s password.
  • After entering the password, it will permanently delete everything in the apps cache.

Second: How to clear the operating system cache on a computer:

Usually, the operating system cache does not take up as much space as the cache of applications, as the operating system creates these files, which means that you should be more careful when choosing what you want to delete and avoid deleting important files that keep the system functioning normally, to do this. Follow the next steps:

  • In the menu bar at the top, click the “Finder” tab.
  • In the window that appears, press (Shift + Command + G) on your keyboard.
  • Within the “Go to Folder” popup window, enter the following command in the search box: (/ Library / Caches) – without the (~) sign -, then press the “Go” option.
  • Here you can delete the cached files, and remember, you must pay close attention to not delete files that help the operating system function normally, in addition to that, empty the Recycle Bin immediately after deleting.

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