How to check RAM in Windows 10

If you need to know how to check RAM on Windows 10, you’ll be glad to know that there are several ways to do this, including using Windows tools and the Command Prompt.

Which option you choose depends on which method you feel is most suitable for you, but it is always a good idea to know the total RAM installed on your system, and the amount of RAM available or unused.

Why might you need to check RAM on Windows 10?

Knowing the total RAM and available memory in Windows 10 can help with many things, including:

– Diagnosing a slow computer: If your RAM is always low, this may explain why your computer is slow.
– Meet software requirements: Knowing the total (RAM) helps determine whether your computer hardware meets the specifications to run a specific program.
– Hardware upgrade: Windows 10’s RAM scan helps to upgrade it.

Since (RAM) provides fast read and write access to data when running the program, checking for enough memory installed for your needs is very important.

How to check (RAM) on Windows 10 using the command prompt:

It is very easy to check the total (RAM) and its available space using the command prompt, just open the command prompt, then enter one of the following commands:

– To get the total (RAM), enter in the command prompt: systeminfo | findstr / C: “Total Physical Memory”
– To check available RAM: systeminfo | find “Available Physical Memory

How to check (RAM) on Windows using Windows tools:

You can also check the RAM in Windows 10 using the System Information utility. If you check System Information in Control Panel, you will see the total installed memory (RAM) and its usable amount.

Use the control panel:

Open Control Panel and then select System. Here, you will see your (RAM) details.

Use advanced system information:

The Basic System Information screen does not display the available RAM. And to see this, you’ll need to use the advanced system information utility. Then select the start icon and type in system and then select the system information application.

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