How to add words to the internal Android dictionary

Perhaps it is not surprising that your Android phone comes with its own dictionary programmed into it, otherwise how will it always know to correct misspelled words, or provide contextual suggestions for what you might say?

You may not know that you can actually add and remove words from your dictionary on an Android phone. This is great if you are constantly bothered by words that your phone thinks you have missed, for example: if your friend writes their name in an unusual way.

Also, adding and removing words from your dictionary on an Android phone is very useful because this feature allows you to create shortcuts for long words that you use frequently, such as your email address.

How to add words to your internal Android dictionary:

– Open the Settings app.
– Scroll down until you can click on the System option.
– From the system menu, go to Languages ​​and input.
– At the bottom of the list, click the arrow next to (Advanced) to open the advanced settings menu.
– Under Tools, click (Personal dictionary).
– To add a word to your Android personal dictionary when opened, click the plus (+) button in the top right corner.
– Write the new word that you want your phone to recognize at the top of the line provided.
– Note: Type the shortcut that you want your Android phone to recognize for this word in the line provided, and when you do that, whenever you type the shortcut and then press a space, it will automatically correct for the longer word.
– When done, hit the back button, and the word will be saved automatically.
– If at any time you want to delete a word from your personal dictionary, just select it from the existing word list, then click the trash can icon in the top right corner.

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