How to activate the two-factor authentication feature on the PlayStation 5

It is very common for someone to try to hack your account and steal your information, and although this may apply to any website or service, it is expected that you will encounter it on the PlayStation 5 gaming device as well, so you must find a way to secure it, and the easiest one is to activate the two-factor authentication feature 2FA.

So if you are looking to add an additional layer of security in your device, you can activate the 2FA feature, and then even if someone accesses your password for any reason, your account will remain secure, especially as it will be linked to your purchases of games in the Sony Store, It is also related to the levels you reached in games and many other things.

Here’s how to activate the two-factor authentication feature on the PlayStation 5:

  • Go to Settings on your PlayStation 5.
  • Click on Users and Accounts.
  • From the menu that appears, click on the Security option.
 two-factor authentication feature 2FA
two-factor authentication feature 2FA
  • Tap on the 2-Step Verification option.
2-Step Verification of playstation 5
2-Step Verification of playstation 5
  • Select how to receive the verification code via Text Message or Authenticator App.
2-Step Verification of playstation 5
  • If you choose the text message, enter your phone number in the box for that, but if you want to use an authentication application, scan the QR code that appears on the screen with the phone’s camera, then enter the code that you received from the application.
  • Regardless of your choice, you will be prompted to use this method for login verification.

Note: In general, the authentication app is more secure than using your mobile phone, so we recommend this method when possible, as you can use an application, such as: the Authy app or the Google Authenticator app, which makes this task very easy.

if you plan to use the virtual reality glasses with the new PlayStation 5 gaming platform, the adapter for the glasses will not come in the box, as a Sony representative confirmed that the adapter will not be shipped with the new gaming platform, and that whoever wants it will have to apply for one separately and for free.

To see how to apply, see the article: “How to Get a Sony PS VR Glasses Adapter for PS5 for Free”.

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