How to activate the only listen to audio feature in Netflix on Android

During this year, Netflix introduced a lot of features for Android users, such as: Variable Playback Speeds, Lock Screen, and now the service has launched a new update that allows users to hide the image of shows and movies to listen to their sound only in the background This feature can help you to drastically reduce data consumption and battery power.

How does this feature work in the Netflix app?

He discovered the feature for the first time last October within the application version (7.84.1), but it was still under development and not available to users, but now if you update the application, you may find that the feature has reached you, and if you do not find it, you should wait for some time As the feature arrives, it will take some time to be available to all users in each region.

If you do appear, you will see the Video ON option at the top of the playback screen, and pressing it will stop the video playback and run Only Audio Mode with the screen appearing blank of images, but at the same time all the playback controls you are familiar with will appear.

How to activate audio-only mode in Netflix:

At the present time, the “sound mode only” feature is only available in the Android application, and it is not known when it will be available in the iOS version, the desktop or the web. To activate the feature on the Android phone, follow the following steps:

  • Update the Netflix app by going to the app’s page in Google Play.
  • Play the content you want to watch in full screen mode.
  • You will see a new “Stop Video Play” button at the top of the play screen, tap it to listen to the audio only. To go back to watching the content again, press the same button.

In addition, there is also a related feature in the app’s settings called Audio Only, where pressing it will open a popup that allows you to choose when you want to use the profile, through three options: Always On, Headphones or External Speakers, and Off.

Headphones or External Speakers
Headphones or External Speakers

Can you really take advantage of this feature?

Of course, not all users will be interested in this feature; Because the video content is watch-based, but this feature will be useful when playing stand-up comedy shows, where only audio is enough to understand and enjoy.

Additionally, you can try to use the audio-only mode with the Audio Description feature – an optional narration that describes what is happening on the screen, including: physical movements, facial expressions, costumes, and changing backgrounds and scenes – and you can activate it via the Audio & Subtitles settings menu, as well. You can use this feature to learn a new language, by playing a show or movie you previously watched in your native language, but this time choose a foreign language to learn some new words.

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