How is the new Apple Watch update a big change for a lot of users?

Apple recently released an important update for users of the Apple Watch model that supports cellular connectivity, as they can now broadcast music and podcasts from the Spotify app directly when there is no Wi-Fi connection.

Below we will know why the new Apple Watch update is such a big change for many users?

The new update is a big change for many users of Apple Watch that supports cellular connectivity, as they are now able to play music from the Spotify app in headphones that support Bluetooth connectivity directly from Apple Watch without having to carry an iPhone with them.

This is a very welcome matter, given that most Apple Watch users rely heavily on the Spotify application to play their favorite music, but this requires an iPhone near them to work, while now after the update, you can go out for a jog without having to carry an iPhone. With you, all you need is a Bluetooth headset to stream music from the app.

It is worth noting that Spotify began testing broadcast support in the Apple Watch two months ago, but it has not been widely released yet, in addition to that, the new update will be done by the (server) side, and this means that you do not need to update anything, as it will be The update is automatic in the app, but the downside is that although this launch is likely to be fast, it may not have reached everyone yet.

However, you will know this through a new prompt that will appear in the Spotify app for the hour, and the question: Do you want to stream from your Apple Watch? And if you do not have it yet, you must wait. Spotify said: “After an initial testing period, we are now spreading the broadcast capabilities of the Spotify application in the Apple Watch to all users.”

And to play music via the Apple Watch instead of the iPhone, all you need now is for the watch to be connected to the Internet, either through the cellular network or the Wi-Fi network, in practical terms, when you are on the move, you will need cellular connection for some time, then you can Jump to the Recently Played section of the app, or ask the smart assistant Siri to play a specific song, album, or genre on the app.

Noting that there is no support for the offline playlist, which is what many users want, knowing that this feature is available in a very small number of competing watches, such as: Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

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