How can you try out the cosmetics virtually via Google search?

If we want to name the year 2020; We can call it the year of online shopping, as e-commerce has witnessed an unusually large growth during this year due to the closures that the world has witnessed as a result of the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic so far.

But at the same time, women face a problem when buying cosmetics online, it is difficult to decide on these personal products without trying them. Suppose you want to know if your lipstick will suit your skin tone, and what it looks like on it, it can be difficult to know without seeing the products up close.

To make it easier to answer these questions from home; Google has started offering new features in the search engine to make it easier to buy cosmetics online, and today we will review these features, and how to use them:

1- Try out cosmetics before buying them online:

We all deal with augmented reality every day without realizing it, if you use Snapchat filters or Instagram filters to change your look in photos or videos – like using a different color of lipstick, eye shadow, or to hide skin imperfections – you are already using it. In your daily life.

This is what Google did to facilitate the purchase of cosmetics online, as it began to introduce a new feature that relies on augmented reality within the Google search engine, allowing girls and women to try cosmetics on their face, making it easier for them to make the purchase decision.

Google is working in partnership with top brands such as: L’Oreal, France, MAC Cosmetics, Estée Lauder, Black Opal, and Charlotte Tilbury, to allow women to experiment with cosmetics across a range of models in skin tones. Different, or on themselves using a camera phone.

Google says: “It plans to include more brands soon, and also hopes that the new virtual experience features will inspire more brands to increase the types of products that users can preview in the search engine.”

Here’s how to try beauty products using the search engine:

  • Open the (Google) application on the phone, whether it is running Android or iOS.
  • Search for a product from one of the supported brands.
  • If the product supports Google’s default experience, a new tab called Overview will appear on the tabs that appear at the top of the search page.
  • At the top, you will see a group of model faces that you can scroll on to choose the skin tone closest to your skin tone, and you can also scroll between the product colors from the bottom menu if the product comes in different colors.
Visualize makeup looks
Visualize makeup looks
  • To try the product on your face; Click on the (Try it on) option that appears below the template images to activate your phone’s camera. Here you can use the menu below to try different product color options on your face.
Beauty Gifs Lips
Beauty Gifs Lips

2- Get recommendations from experts:

Google will also help you get recommendations and see how the products work with others. Now as you browse search results on your phone or scroll through the Discover tab in the Google app, Google will show you recommendations from experts on their favorite products, including: experts in the beauty, clothing and garden fields.

Accordingly; If a product catches your attention while searching, you can hear directly from the experts why they like the product, how it is used, what are its advantages, and what are its disadvantages, making it easier for you to make the purchase decision.

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