How can you create a countdown timer on iPhone to ?

Sometimes you may want to create a countdown timer and place it on the main screen of your iPhone, to follow important events such as: follow up on upcoming work events, or important meetings that will be held during the coming period, or know the number of days remaining for an important family event, and so on. Lots.

It is worth noting that the operating system (iOS 14) comes with a built-in countdown tool, but it is not customizable, so you can use an application that provides you with more customization options, such as: the Countdown Widget Maker application.

Below, we’ll learn how to create a countdown timer on iPhone to keep track of important events:

How does the Countdown Widget Maker app work:
The Countdown Widget Maker application includes many tools and options that allow you to customize your countdown tool, through many options, such as: change background colors, use images from your phone’s photo library or from the previously prepared photo gallery, and choose a specific font to suit the style specific.

Although most of the features you have to purchase in-app, you can create two basic countdown tools completely free of charge, which is more than enough to create a countdown widget and place it on your phone’s home screen as a reminder of your upcoming events.

By default, all you have to do is open the app, add a name, and choose a time. If you want a different look with many additional customizations, you must make an in-app purchase, which allows you to change the colors and the font type you want.

Once you have finished setting the countdown tool, the application will automatically save the operations that you performed, then close the application, return to the iPhone home screen, press and hold any empty space on the screen, then add the tool as you normally would.

IOS 14 now also allows you to easily delete apps from the phone, by long pressing the application icon until the popup appears, and depending on the application, the menu may contain other actions that you can take, such as: The Mail application will have a shortcut to create mail A new letter in the same menu, in addition to the procedures for the application, including the option (remove the application).

Once you click on the Remove App option in the pop-up menu that appears, this will lead to a dialog box containing two options:

– Delete App: which will permanently delete all application data from your phone, freeing up storage space that you may need.
– Move To App Library: This option will remove the app icon from the main phone screen only, as the app will remain installed and you can access it at any time by swiping from right to left on the home screen until you reach the app library.

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