Google wants to integrate Nest Audio with Chromecast

Google is working to integrate Chromecast devices and Nest Audio speakers, according to a comment from a spokesperson for the Wall Street Journal, in a move that would give Google’s smart home and broadcast tools a parity in features with Amazon and Apple.

The Nest Audio is the latest smart speaker from Google, and replaces the original Google Home that was launched in 2016, and Nest Audio delivers better sound quality along with aesthetics due to its fabric covered body.

And while Speakerphone is a great option for streaming music and listening to podcasts, you will soon be able to use Google’s new smart speaker to watch movies and TV shows.

Nest Audio or Google Home owners could pair smart speakers with Chromecast to control music and video across the TV, but they couldn’t be used as the default TV speakers.

Once the feature is on, Nest Audio owners will be able to pair their speakers with Chromecast to configure their home theater system.

Google is trying to catch up with Amazon and Apple, as Amazon allows customers to use their Echo devices to control Fire TVs and output audio.

Apple also allows customers to link both HomePod and HomePod mini speakers to the Apple TV platform, which with the original HomePod provides additional integration to support Dolby Atmos by default.

Google has not provided any further details about Chromecast integration, and the new Chromecast platform with Google TV will definitely be the first to get the new feature.

However, it’s not clear if older Chromecast devices – including Chromecast Ultra and smart TVs with Chromecast built-in – will support the integration.

It is also unclear whether Google wants to extend the merger to other Google Smart speakers, such as the Nest Mini, the original Google Home and Google Home Max, or whether the merger will remain exclusive to Nest Audio.

And Google has not released a timeline of when it plans to roll out Chromecast integration with Nest Audio.

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