Google wants to become a copy of Apple

Although Google has huge financial resources, it can only be compared with certain companies around the world. But its entry into the smartphone market was much too late.

Its hardware is also not very competitive and its specifications are often average, and cannot be compared to other flagship Android phones and iPhones.

Apple engages consumers with innovation, both in software and hardware. But most of those who buy Google Pixel phones buy them in order to learn about the new Android operating system features that are sent exclusively to Google phones when they are launched.

Google is building a comprehensive tool to support the development of its devices

It seems that Google does not want to be satisfied with only developing the Android operating system, but rather wants to shift to making its own ecosystem as Apple does, as a recent report indicated that the company is on its way to opening its own complex in Silicon Valley to support the development of its own devices similar to the Apple headquarters named Apple Park.

It has spent more than $389 million to build the complex, which contains administrative offices and a research and development facility. In addition to a new pavilion open to the public, three industrial buildings house some of the hardware division’s operations including Nest products.

Plans also state that the complex has a department called midpoint to develop the company’s branded hardware, including products like the Pixel series of phones.

The company moves to focus on hardware

Google has always focused most of its efforts on developing its main business model of ads, services, and cloud storage. With hardware making up a relatively small portion of the company’s revenue.

But several recent moves seem to indicate that it is on its way to focusing more on hardware in the future.

These moves include:

  • Several reports have stated that its upcoming Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro series of flagship phones represent a more serious contender with flagships now for the first time.
  • The company announced that the upcoming Pixel 6 series of phones come with a completely new processor called GS101 from its development, a trend similar to Apple, which included its own processor in its phones and devices.
  • Completed the acquisition of Fitbit to enter the smartwatch market with a fully developed product.
  • The opening of the first real store in New York City, USA, to sell its products directly to the public.

The company may not allocate as many resources as Apple. But all indications are that devices are becoming an important part of their future.

While it continues to provide everything that can be offered in the service market, it is the devices that drive consumers to commit to them in the long term.

We can’t expect the Pixel series to compete with Apple’s iPhone series at the moment. However, the company’s broader focus on hardware could help it catch up with competitors in the near future.

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