Google supports the creation of street view images using only the phone

Today, Thursday, Google announced the launch of a new update for the Street View application on the Android system, allowing users to participate in the service via smartphones.

“With our updated Street View application on Android, it is now easy to collect your Street View images and place them in the right place on Google Maps,” the US tech giant said in a post on its blog. “By using our new tool for connected photos in the app, you can capture a series of connected photos when you are walking on a street or a road,” she added.

Google explained that these images are taken using ARCore, which is the same augmented reality technology that the company uses to provide other experiences, such as: Live View. After the photos are captured and posted by the Street View app, the company automatically rotates and reposition them to create a series of connected photos that are then placed in the Street View service.

Google indicated that before this feature, users were required to have 3D cameras to capture and publish Street View images.

Google also noted that Street View’s equipment and cars collected more than 170 billion images from 10 million miles from around the world, yet there are still many parts that have not been added to the service. So, over the past years, the company has worked to provide new ways to enable people to contribute to the map service.

Google said: “As with our other images, these images will help make Google Maps more accurate and up-to-date for everyone. For example, we can use the information in Street View images to update Google Maps with details, such as: business names and addresses that are not currently on the map.

Google explained that it will also provide these connected images with the same privacy controls, including: blurring faces, and the license plate for cars that are seen in the regular Street View photos taken by Google. It will also make it easier for people to flag images and other types of content for review.

The company said: The experimental feature for connected images is now available for people who use the Street View application with an Android device compatible with ARCore in each of: Toronto, Canada, New York, and Austin in the United States, in addition to Nigeria, Indonesia, and Costa Rica, and it will be available for more areas soon.

Google allows everyone to create Street View photos with just their phone
Google allows everyone to create Street View photos with just their phone

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