Google Photos wants you to improve machine learning

Google has updated the Google Photos app for Android, and added a new option that allows users to tell the search giant the contents of the images.

By categorizing these photos, Google can improve its object recognition algorithms, which in turn make Google Photos more useful.

One of the best features of Google Photos is to learn about objects, people, and pets.

The company is now inviting Android users to help it improve machine learning technology through the new tool included in Google Photos.

Tech giants with a lot of data and users are resorting to such practices to develop artificial intelligence, since machine learning systems do not learn on their own.

The vast majority of these apps need to be learned using data that humans categorize, which is the same reason why CAPTCHA asks you to identify cars and motorcycles in images.

And by identifying these organisms, you are training the AI to do the same.

The feature appears in the latest version of the Google Photos application, and you only need to click on the Search button in the application menu, scroll down, and you will see an option called: “Help to improve Google Photos.”

Four tasks appear after clicking on the option, where Google wants to better understand what is important to you in the images:

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