Google Photos features entice you to subscribe

Last week, Google announced the termination of the unlimited free backup feature in the Google Photos service, starting from June 1, 2021, as any new image or video that you upload with high quality in the service will be counted within the free storage space available to you in your Google account. That is 15 GB. There will also be an option to purchase more Google One storage if you use all of them.

The company confirmed that the photos and videos that you downloaded before June 2021 will not be counted within the free storage capacity of 15 GB, and if you use a Google Pixel phone, the photos and videos that you download from this device will not be affected even after June 1, 2021.

Most of us would take a lot to skip this free capacity, but when we do, you can purchase Google One storage at prices starting at $ 2 a month for 100GB.

But is Google Photos worth paying, or is it better to look for another free service?

The answer is yes, the service is worth paying because it supports many features that you will not find in other services, in addition to that it comes built into Android phones, and integrates with all other Google services that you use.

Today, we will review 5 of the most important features that pay you to pay for using (Google Photos):

1- Cheap price:

Google offers a wide range of subscription plans to its cloud service (Google One) so that you can choose the plan that suits you, and it has organized it so that you can use it with all your Google services and made it very inexpensive.

The first plan offers 100 GB space at a price of two dollars a month or 24 dollars a year, and this space is very large and will be very suitable for many, and the second plan offers you 200 GB space for only $ 30 annually.

There is another plan that offers 2 TB space at $ 100 per year, and there are larger plans for small businesses or people who need very large storage space; Google offers plans up to 30 TB for $ 300 per month. When you exceed 2 TB the price will be slightly higher but it is still much cheaper than other alternatives.

Any plan you subscribe to allows you to share storage space with your (Google Drive) account, and invite up to 5 additional family members to participate in your plan at no additional cost, which facilitates storage operations for all family members.

2- Powerful Photo Editing Features:

(Google Photos) service allows you to save your photos in an organized way that is easy to search and share, in addition to that, it contains a built-in editor in both the phones application and the web version that allows you to easily adjust your photos according to your convenience.

Last month, Google added some new features in the release of the (Google Photos) application for Android phones that rely on machine learning techniques to provide smart suggestions and accurate and easy-to-use adjustments, so that your photos look at their best.

3- Easy to share photos:

The Google Photos application allows you to share photos and videos very easily, as you can share them one by one or in groups while maintaining your privacy, and there is another great feature which is the ability to automatically share some or all of your photos with another user, through the Shared Libraries feature, You have the option to share all of your photos or photos of specific people, or choose a date to share all photos on that date.

4- Ease of organization and research:

Google uses facial recognition technology in the (Google Photos) service to help you organize all your photos by naming friends, family members, etc., and this is useful when sharing photos, or making it easier to find pictures of specific people.

You can also search within your photos in the (Google Photos) service by people, things and places, where you can type what you want to search for within the search bar. For example: Search for the word “car” to see all the pictures you took in your car, or search by name or title if you categorize people or pets, as well as search by name of places you visited.

5- Easily display photos and videos on the TV screen:

If you have a (Chromecast) device, you can display the photos and videos saved in the (Google Photos) service on the TV screen easily and watch them with family or friends.

In order to access this feature, your phone must run Android 4.4 or later, and the phone must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Chromecast device connected to the TV screen.

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