Google overrides Apple’s restrictions by launching a Stadia web app for iOS

Google announced on Thursday that the iOS operating system will support its Stadia cloud game broadcasting service, following in the footsteps of Microsoft and Nvidia, which are trying to defraud Apple’s App Store restrictions.

Google says: It has created a PWA progressive web application for the (stadia) service, and the application will work in Apple’s Safari web browser, similar to what Nvidia announced on Thursday for its GeForce Now game streaming service. Then, Microsoft had announced earlier that it would do the same for the xCloud service over the next year.

Similar to Nvidia – which announced yesterday the launch of a trial version of the (GeForce Now) application – Google will launch a trial version of the (stadia) application in the coming weeks.

These steps come from Google, Microsoft, and Nvidia, after Apple clarified its laws for game-streaming services last August, and said at the time: It does not allow companies that provide this type of services to launch through the application store due to restrictions imposed by the company on Programs that broadcast games to iPhone smartphones and iPads.

Then, last September, Apple announced that it would ease its restrictions after it was faced with criticism from companies such as Microsoft, but Apple still requires companies to download games from the App Store.

The announcement of the progressive web app test for iOS coincides with the first anniversary of the public launch of (stadia). On Thursday, Google also announced the first batch of games that will be able to be played for free, after announcing a few days ago that Bungie’s Destiny 2 game would be available for free.

Google also announced the State Share, a new feature of the (stadia) service that allows players to accurately post the point they reached in the game with viewers or followers via social media platforms. The feature will launch in January at the launch of IO Interactive’s Hitman 3 game.

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