Google officially start encrypts users’ messages Android Messages

Google has started to introduce the (end-to-end) encryption feature for what is known as Rich Communication Services, which has been seeking for years to make it an alternative to the popular SMS (short text messages) system.

RCS (Rich Communication Services) is a communication protocol between mobile phone companies, and it aims to replace the SMS system with a richer text messaging system, as it provides – in addition to the ability to exchange text messages – the exchange of multimedia, such as: pictures, clips the video.

The rich communication services also have the advantage of providing some of the common features of the famous instant messaging services, such as: WhatsApp owned by Facebook. Among these features: writing index, information about last seen, location sharing, and the ability to share longer messages than is available in SMS.

The rich communication services also allow users to know when the message was read, share emojis, as well as better capabilities for group chats.

Google said on Thursday: It has completed the global offering of rich communication services RCS, and is now moving to the new stage, which is the end-to-end encryption feature.

The end-to-end encryption feature has become highly sought after about 10 years, especially after the famous leaks of the former contractor with the US National Security Agency (Edward Snowden) who revealed the agency’s spying on users.

The end-to-end encryption feature is believed to be the antidote to such practices of espionage, and it uses strong encryption to encrypt messages with a unique key for each user. And because the key is only on the user’s device, end-to-end encryption prevents anyone else, including: the application manufacturer, internet service provider, telecom company, and outside agencies, from reading messages.

Many popular instant messaging applications currently use the end-to-end encryption feature, including: WhatsApp from Facebook, Signal, and iMessage from Apple, in addition to other applications.

Google explained that the encryption feature (end-to-end) will be available at the present time for users of the trial version of the Android Messages app. The feature will continue to be rolled out until next year.

The American technology giant published technical details of the new feature, and said: The end-to-end encryption feature provided by the Android Messenger application will be based on the encryption protocol used by the (Signal) application, which is described as the most secure among instant messaging applications.

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