Google Messages app adds a great feature to compete with iMessage

Google has recently intensified its efforts in developing its own messaging application (Messages), as it regularly launches new features to attract users to make it the default messaging application in their devices, such as: the (scheduling of text messages) feature, Schedule Messages. Not only that, the company started To test a long-awaited feature: (Encrypting individual messages) in the application in order to compete with other applications, such as: (iMessage) application from Apple.

What are the details?

Google has now started launching a trial version of the (Messages) application that encrypts messages only while sending individual messages, by activating the (end-to-end encryption) feature for conversations between two parties, and this feature will be turned on by default with no option to disable it, as it will be done in previous chats Automatically, for this feature to work, both parties must install the trial version of the application (Google Messages) Google Messages in their phones.

You will know that the new feature is working in the app when the (lock) icon appears in the existing send icon when composing a new message.


If the lock icon does not appear when sending messages, make sure that you and the other person you are communicating with are using the latest version of the Messages app, and that the chat features in the app are enabled.

How the individual message encryption feature works:

When you use the Messages application to send messages that are fully encrypted between the two parties, the entire content of the conversations is encrypted, including: texts and any files or media, as the data travels between devices. Read only by using a secret key that is only created in your phone and the phone you are messaging with, and it is not shared with Google.

Another Google Messages app to join the encrypted messaging app market:

This feature is scheduled to be available to all users in early 2021 next, and now that Google has finally joined the market for encrypted messaging applications, this would give consumers another option that they can use in Android phones, and it provides the same encryption feature that other applications provide such as WhatsApp and Messenger from Facebook and iMessage from Apple.

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