Google launches audio ads feature in YouTube

Google today announced new advertising products designed to help marketers reach YouTube visitors who listen more than they watch.

Audio ads are the most prominent addition to new advertising products. Google explained in a post on its blog that these ads are designed for viewers who play YouTube without always looking at the screen, but rather to peek at the screen from time to time, or they may ignore the visual elements completely.

Google said: The audio ads will not be audio only, but that the sound will be the focus of the advertisement, while the visual aspect is limited to “a still image or simple animation.”

In early testing, the company says, more than 75 percent of YouTube’s audio ad campaigns led to a significant increase in brand awareness.

In addition to launching audio ads as a beta, Google also announced Dynamic Music Listings, which allow marketers to target their campaigns on groups of YouTube music channels. These groups can focus on a genre such as Latin music, or on interests such as fitness.

In a separate post, YouTube’s head of music (Lior Cohen) made a wider case for advertisers as to why YouTube should be considered a primary music streaming platform. According to Cohen, more than two billion viewers of logged in viewers watch at least one music video every month.

Cohen said: 60 percent of watching music on YouTube takes place on the mobile phone, so the viewing is disabled so that the music is played in the background.

It is noteworthy that, in late October, YouTube launched an update for its applications for mobile devices, with some new features that will make watching and controlling videos a little easier, with new gestures, updated elements to control the player, and additional features.

Among the biggest new updates is a new gesture to play the video in full screen mode, instead of clicking the button for this option, or rotating the phone, users will now be able to swipe up in the video window to enter full screen mode, and swipe down to return to the standard player page .

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