Google launches a new update for Android Go users

In December 2017, Google launched a modified version of the Android operating system called Android Go aimed at Android devices with somewhat weak specifications, as it was designed specifically for devices that contain 1 GB or less of RAM.

In conjunction with this, Google released small copies of many of its popular applications to be compatible with this version, including: The Camera Go application, which received a massive upgrade that allows users of smartphones running the Android Go operating system to take better photos.

What are the details?

Google’s Camera Go app – a smaller version of its camera app – received a major update that allows users to shoot in HDR mode for the first time, meaning that millions of low-spec smartphones running the Android Go version can capture Pictures are better than they were before, even in low-light conditions.


Where the use of (HDR) mode will allow the camera of smartphones running Android Go to capture significantly more details in different shooting conditions, especially when there is poor lighting, something that usually requires smartphones that contain high-quality cameras with larger image sensors.

This upgrade comes in fulfillment of the company’s promise to users of smartphones running the Android Go system when adding the Night Mode feature to the Camera Go application last October.

It is worth noting that Google plans to make the version of the Android Go operating system mandatory for newly launched smartphones with 2 GB RAM or less, according to a leaked copy of the Android 11 phone configuration guide, as any smartphone running the Android operating system must 10) New and works with a capacity of 2 GB or less of RAM, using the Android Go version, starting in the fourth quarter of 2020.

In addition, any smartphone running the Android OS version 11 and containing 2 GB or less of RAM must use the Android Go version, while phones that were launched in previous Android versions with 2 GB of RAM are exempt from the requirements. .

The introduction of the standard 2 GB of RAM is somewhat new, and this change occurred late last year after Google updated its website to reflect this change, and these requirements must make a very big change in how we deal with Android devices with poor specifications, Obviously, the change aims to make sure that phones that launch with very modest specifications get the appropriate lite version of the operating system.

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