Google is working to fix the worst thing in Android phones

Users of smartphones running the Android operating system suffer from delays in obtaining system updates, as it depends on the manufacturers of phones, and some phones get system updates for up to two years only, unlike iPhones that receive updates for up to five years, But this matter will change after the cooperation between Google and Qualcomm.

What are the details of the cooperation between Google and Qualcomm?

Last week, Google and Qualcomm announced a new cooperation between them to promote the Google project called (Project Treble) – which Google launched during 2017 – with the aim of enabling more devices powered by Snapdragon processors to obtain Android operating system updates for a period of 4 years, some from Is the device manufacturer.

As this will eliminate the problem of supporting the usual two-year update only available for smartphones running the Android operating system, and then we find that this will be suitable for many users who want to keep their phones for as long as possible.

As a result of this collaboration, you will now be able to use your Android smartphone for up to four full years, before you start to worry about not receiving Android system updates, and begin to face application compatibility issues and security risks, and it is also possible that you will get system updates. Major is also faster throughout the year.

This, in turn, will lead to Android phones competing more aggressively with iPhones, which usually receive support for system updates for up to five years.

However, according to the agreement between the two companies, there are two important points that Android smartphone users should take into account, and they are:

The first point: the support only includes phones that run on (Snapdragon) processors from Qualcomm, and although there are many smartphones running the Android operating system come with one of the Qualcomm processor models now, it leaves other phones, such as: Samsung phones that It runs on its (Exynos) processors outside of support.

The second point: This support will be valid only, starting with the phones that will work with the latest (Snapdragon 888) processor that the leading Android phones will work with in 2021, such as: my phone series (Galaxy S21) from Samsung, and the series phones (OnePlus 9), and this means Some old smartphones, such as: the premium OnePlus 8T processor (Snapdragon 865), will also be out of support.

It should be noted that the new step includes the original version of the Android system that the device is launched with, and then three major updates after that, bringing the number of versions in which the device works to four. There will be an additional year of security updates for the latest major supported release.

Accordingly, 2021 will be the right time for you to upgrade your Android smartphone or buy a new phone if you plan to have a smartphone that will last for the next three or four years.

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