Google forces you to install the new Google Pay app

Google said: Starting next year, users will not be able to send or receive money unless the new Google Pay app is used.

The company confirmed that the old Google Pay app for Android and iOS and the website will lose many payment features in January.

The service’s website loses the ability to send and receive payments, and Google also charges a specific fee when transferring money from Google Pay using a debit card.

The service did not previously charge fees for transferring money to a bank account or debit card, but there is now a 1.5 percent fee for any debit card transfer.

The same does not apply to the linked bank account, although transferring funds in this way takes between one and three days.

There is a message explaining Google’s statements on the Google Pay support page on the service website:

The message says: Starting in January 2021, you cannot send, receive, claim, request or withdraw money or search for previous transactions in which you have sent or received money using the old service app.

You also cannot send, request, receive or withdraw money via Google Pay or send or receive money for commercial payments.

This forces those who previously relied on the service’s website to install the new app and use it instead.

If you want to receive money or request money, you need to download the new app. The new app allows you to send and receive money from family and friends, make contactless payments, split bills, and make group payments.

You will also be able to order food from local restaurants, fill up a fuel tank in your car, and pay for parking at participating locations.

The new service app links your bank accounts, cards, and other transaction data sources, including the bills you received through the Gmail service and the photos of receipts you’ve captured.

You need to have a Google account to take advantage of the features offered by the new Google Pay app.

Last week, the company announced some changes to the Google Pay app, such as: a new interface and automatic receipt of receipts.

The new service is set to expand further next year, as Google plans to partner with banks to offer checking and savings accounts within Google Pay.

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