Google faces a $ 26 million fine in Turkey

Turkish authorities imposed a fine against Google worth 196.7 million Turkish liras ($ 26 million) for violating the country’s competition law.

A statement issued by the Turkish Competition Council on Friday said: The council imposed a fine against Google after its investigation concluded that it violated fair competition rules with its advertising strategies.

The statement added that the company had violated the terms of fair competition due to unfair access to advertising space, and that the California-based tech giant was abusing its dominant market power.

This marks the second time that the Turkish Competition Council imposes a fine against Google, as it was fined in February 2018 in the amount of 98 million Turkish liras for violating the fair competition law by giving priority to some sellers over others in terms of advertising space.

Google has the right to file an appeal against the ruling in Ankara Administrative Courts within the next 60 days.

Google has made it difficult for companies to appear in searches if they do not generate advertising revenue for Google, and the tech company defended itself on November 4 in a case accusing it of misusing its dominant power in the search engine market to crush its market competitors with its advertising strategies.

The Competition Council has given the US company six months to fulfill its requirements and end its unfair advertising strategy, and Google must also submit annual reports to the board on its search engine’s advertising strategy for a period of five years.

Google’s advertising strategy has come under scrutiny in the European Union as well, and in 2018 the European Commission imposed a fine of 4.34 billion euros against Google for violating European antitrust rules for online advertising after a previous fine of 2.4 billion euros in 2017.

The search giant received another fine in March 2019 of 1.5 billion euros for misusing its dominance to prevent websites from using intermediaries other than its ad platform AdSense, which raised the total EU fines to more than 8 billion euros.

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