Google enhances privacy standards for Chrome extensions

Google said: It plans to add a new section to the Chrome Web Store, where developers of extensions and extensions will be able to reveal the data they collect from users, and for what purpose.

The new section is scheduled to take effect on January 18, 2021, and will appear as a button named Privacy Practices in the list for each extension in the Chrome Web Store.

To aid the process, Google has added a new section in the Chrome Web Store’s dashboard, where extension developers will be able to specify the data they collect from users.

Google’s new data usage dashboard will come with a limited set of pre-set options, which will effectively block Chrome extension developers from certain data-gathering practices.

Among the prohibited practices: Wholesaling of user data unless the use or transmission of user data for the benefit of the user is guaranteed, and in accordance with the stated purpose of the extension. User data may not be used or transmitted for personalized ads.

Google said: It plans to show notifications to all developers in the Chrome Web Store developers’ dashboards, and will require extension developers to set up a section (privacy practice).

It is noteworthy that the new “data disclosure” policy from Google is not the first of its kind, as Apple announced at its annual WWDC 2020 developer conference last June that developers will soon be required to include all lists of app store applications. App Store with the data they collect from users, and to list the data that is used to track users across other applications.

Google also announced the extension of support for the Chrome browser for Windows 7 until at least January 15, 2022, in light of the current circumstances for this year.

This is a six-month extension from the original target date, and includes security and productivity benefits.

This extension ensures that Windows 7 users can still benefit from security upgrades in the Chrome browser and roadmaps for upcoming features.

Chrome browser support for Windows 7 was supposed to end in July 2021, as the browser stops receiving feature and security updates.

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