Google Drive may soon allow you to open encrypted files

It appears that Google is preparing to introduce a feature that allows users of its Google Drive cloud storage service to download and open encrypted files.

The alleged feature was discovered in strings of code found in Google Drive Android version 2.20.441.06.40.

One string of code indicates the ability to open encrypted files directly via Google Drive, with another indicating that it will be an upcoming feature.

Other code strings demonstrate the ability to download and decrypt files.

Other than what’s in the strings, there’s not a whole lot of information like whether Google Drive users can encrypt files directly over the web or in Google apps.

Cloud storage is a way to back up data and access that data from any device.

Google Drive does not offer a native encryption feature, although there are additional functions that support encryption and decryption.

Encrypting files and other documents is an important way to keep these files safe from prying eyes, whether there is a data breach or other security issue.

Seeing the native encryption added to Google Drive will be a useful way to further protect your sensitive information.

There are lots of steps you can take to keep your information secure via Google Drive without encryption features, including using a strong password and enabling two-factor authentication.

And if you want to encrypt the files you download, there are apps, like Boxcryptor, that feature Google Drive integration.

With strings of code indicating that the encryption feature is in development, we’ll probably see something soon.

Google recently added a paid VPN feature to its Google One service, and the next encryption feature may be for users who pay a subscription.

It is reported that the WhatsApp messaging application is end-to-end encrypted, but the backup copy of the Android application stored via Google Drive is not protected by encryption, and this new feature may allow users to secure these files as well.

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