Google brings Tab Search option to Chrome OS

Google released version 87 of its operating system for Chrome OS devices after a short delay.

There are a number of features to help you while browsing the web and when using bluetooth accessories in this version, which should be available in the coming days.

The Tab Groups option helps people better manage and hide tabs, but it doesn’t always reduce the number open.

Google now offers the Tab Search option to allow users to find a specific tab across all open windows.

The company also adds the Tab Search option to the desktop version of Chrome.

Google said: The feature appears in mid-November for Chromebook devices, to appear soon on other desktop platforms.

The feature can be accessed via the circular drop-down button in the upper-right corner or by pressing the Ctrl-Shift-A keys, so it displays a list of all open tabs.

The feature displays the open tab icon and its name plus a single close button for easy control.

Version 87 of Chrome OS now lists battery levels for Bluetooth devices that you have connected to a computer, such as wireless headphones, in the Settings and Quick Settings menus.

This feature appears to be primarily for wireless headphones, and it shows a notification of the current level in the lower right corner of the screen when connected.

Version 87 of Chrome OS also adds 36 new wallpapers designed by different artists. One of the new wallpapers can be set by right-clicking on the desktop and choosing the “Set wallpaper” option.

Google said: Our team worked with Dutch artist (Rick Berkelmans) to explore the creative potential of Chromebooks.

It added: Berkelmans recently began exploring digital illustrations via Chromebook, and used the built-in Chrome Canvas app with a pen to create backgrounds for Chromebooks using Chromebooks.

Other features in this release include:

  • Save to Google Drive supports renaming the file and choosing which folder to store it in.
  • Chrome OS devices now support switching access devices.
  • Google has updated the language settings to be easier to navigate for multi-lingual users.
  • The window switcher option now supports mouse, touch screen, and pen input.
  • Version 87 adds visual improvements when you rename virtual offices.

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