Google Assistant is able to schedule smart lights

The Google Assistant Smart Assistant now allows users to schedule lights and other devices to be turned on and off at specific times through the “Scheduled Actions” feature, according to the Google Assistant developer documentation.

Google Assistant has worked with Philips Hue and other smart lights that can be controlled wirelessly for some time.

The assistant could have turned these smart lights on and off and set alarms, but now you can tell the assistant when you want to turn on the lights and other devices in the smart home.

There is one caveat – if you want to schedule lights or other appliances to be on or off during a specific day, it must be strictly scheduled.

Just saying: “Turn the lights on tomorrow at 8 pm” is not enough. You have to say: “Turn on the lights Tuesday at 8 pm.”

You can set sunrise and sunset as times to set the lighting on or off, and you don’t need to specify the exact time.

You can also use Google Assistant to schedule a period of time to keep the lights on, such as turning on the lights for 10 minutes.

The feature appears to be still working, and Reddit users have also noted that the scheduled action cancel function does not appear to be working.

According to the Google Assistant smart home documentation, it is clear that these features are likely to work soon, making the digital assistant smarter and able to operate your lights according to the time or duration you specify.

Earlier this month, Google Assistant got new features to help keep your family organized and entertained.

The changes focus mainly on smart displays, such as the Nest Hub Max, where a number of old and new features are grouped into a new section called Family Tab.

Family Notes is the first new addition, allowing you to dictate note style sticky messages to tasks and reminders.

The Google Assistant has two new options for education and entertainment for families with younger children, and there is a new voice command for the assistant that allows you to get updates about your family’s whereabouts, or ask about a specific family member.

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